Transocean Tankcontainer Service      

TTS can offer you a worldwide reliable "foodgraded" tankcontainer
service. As an NVO we can offer you competitive "all in freight lumpsums"
Transocean Shipping Agency Tankcontainer covering all costs from any
point in the world to the final destinations of your cargoes.
It is a cost effective way to ship liquid products and it makes commercial
and environment sense using tankcontainers. It is a line of shipping which
is constantly growing in quality and volume and TRANSOCEAN SHIPPING
AGENCY A/S, DENMARK is up front with the development.

Presently we have the following two types of tankcontainers available:


    Brand new IMO 1 foodgraded standard container.
    24 cbm insulated tankcontainers.
    24.000 ltr.
    Steam heatable.
    With payload 32.575 kos.
    With all international approvals.


    Brand new IMO 1 foodgraded reefer tankcontainers.
    20.65 cbm insulated reefertankcontainers.
    20.650 ltr.
    With payload 26.130 kos.
    Working pressure 4 Bar.
    Product temperature range -20 dgr. C to +30 dgr. C.
    Ambient temperature range -40 dgr. C to +50 dgr. C.
    Reefer unit TCR-104.
    Enviromental friendly gas R404A is used.
    Tanks with all international approvals.

Transocean Shipping Agency Tankcontainer

Should you require other types of tankcontainers please do not hesitate to contacts us for our solution to your needs.

For inquiries please contact Transocean Shipping Agency A/S
at copenhagen: Phone intl (45) 39 40 40 11,
Ask for Susanne Andersen or Klaus Kristensen
or send us a mail.