Transocean Project Management

From our long history in the Scandinavian transportation industry our Scandinavian Projects Management team and DK/SE/NO backoffices offers
a solid knowhow and a worldwide agent/network coverage - to serve all your demand within sea/air/road/rail-transportation.

Historically the Transocean Projects Department arose in the 1990-ies from a Scandinavian TOS-client-demand to also serve in worldwide transportation, where our shipping-agencies at that time didn’t cover the need of our clients. Projects transportation within segments as trains, helicopters, vehicles, factories, mining, foodstuff/additives are historically what we did - and do..

The Scandinavian industrial clients are still the home ground for our activities, but also worldwide clients we serve - via our global Network. Handling cargo to/from special destination locally or worldwide, as cross-trade-transportation (from one continent to another) or to/from Scandinavia by various mode of transport is a big part of our daily life and knowhow.

The TOS-network-coverage is truly at ALL CONTINENTS !
The link below enable you watch our network coverage.
Link for TOS-Network (Worldwide overview)

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